Most of the hard work in retail goes towards keeping your finances in order to maximise your profit margins. Every retail business owner knows that you can’t afford to waste any money, time or inventory. Installing shoplifting prevention systems, like EAS (Electronic Article Surveillance), may seem like a debatable expense; however, once you start reaping the benefits, you’ll wonder why you haven’t installed it sooner!

This article will dive into the benefits of anti-theft devices, like EAS, for retail stores.

What is an EAS System?

EAS is a loss prevention technology that minimises shoplifting. It utilises antennas positioned at a store’s entrances, to create an invisible barrier against shoplifting. If an active tag, attached to an unpaid product, passes past the antenna, an alert is triggered alerting a security officer or sales employee about the suspected shoplifter.

 Benefits of Anti-Theft Devices for Retail Stores

The benefits of anti-theft devices for retail include:

1.    Reduced Theft-Related Losses

Employee theft and shoplifting are all examples of stealing that affect the profitability of retail businesses. Eventually, financial losses add up and can leave your business in dire straits. When customers are aware that anti-theft devices are in place, they are less inclined to steal. Although theft still occurs, the EAS system’s alerts boost the odds of apprehending shoplifters, preventing and recovering losses.

2.    Increased Employee Safety

Because of the effects of EAS systems, your store is no longer a target for shoplifters. This relieves your sales staff of some of their responsibilities. Employees should concentrate on selling rather than guarding items. Since anti-theft devices deter shoplifters, employees and customers feel safe from potential criminals in your store and as a result, your sales grow, and the security system eventually pays for itself.

3.    Open Display of Products

Without open display security systems, high-value items are the main target for shoplifters. This means retailers take extra measures to make them less accessible to shoplifters, like using lockable display cases. However, this makes the products less accessible to customers as well, resulting in reduced sales. With open display security systems, customers can examine the merchandise freely, without needing the assistance of an employee.

4.    Reduced Employee Theft

Customers aren’t the only guilty culprit when it comes to shrinkage in retail stores. Employees usually know the ins and outs of the store and therefore feel they can shoplift without getting caught. Anti-theft devices will help you keep track of your inventory and reduce employee theft. The employees themselves benefit too. A reduction in inventory losses may mean a more profitable business and higher wages.

Shoplifting prevention systems allow retailers world-wide to increase profits, decrease shrinkage, and enable store employees to focus more on what’s really important – the customers.

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