In 2020, by the first week of April, more than half of the world’s population (3.9 billion people) were placed under lockdown due to the rapid spread of Coronavirus. There were varying levels of intensity depending on the countries, as well as the rate of infection. The COVID-19 lockdowns shifted many aspects of life, with crime being one of them.

Retail Security Systems South Africa

Based on ongoing data collection launched by UNODC (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime), restrictive measures not only reduced opportunities for criminals to commit retail crime, but the additional surveillance by the police to enforce lockdown laws limited the possibility of criminals committing crimes in stores. Many retail stores were closed down during the lockdown periods, removing the opportunity for shoplifting and theft by staff.

South Africa experienced a dip in crime during the more intensive lockdown levels, but as people are steadily losing their jobs due to companies closing down, crime is again on the rise, and it may become worse than ever.

This is bad news for retailers, but retail store owners and managers can take measures to prevent and avoid major losses due to theft.

EAS System to The Rescue

Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) systems are proven to protect retail merchandise. EAS systems create a field to protect goods leaving your store without evidence of a transaction. The system comprises of antenna (placed at the entrance of your store) and tags (attached to your products). With EAS, retailers can minimise their monthly shrinkage.

EAS systems will deter thieves by making it much more difficult to leave the store with an item that has not been paid for. The tag or label needs to be deactivated at the counters where customers pay, otherwise they will alert security that an item has been stolen.

Anti-shoplifting systems will effectively detect any stolen merchandise leaving your store if these items have been tagged. This provides an opportunity for stores to increase sales, as stock can be taken out from behind counters or glass doors, and shelves can be more fully stocked without worrying about shrink.

Why Retailers Can’t Afford to be Without an EAS System

EAS systems not only protect merchandise and reduce shrinkage (that ultimately negatively affects profits), they alleviate staff pressure and the need for security. With an EAS security system, staff will feel more at ease, and security will manage their tasks more effectively whilst conducting general customer surveillance. Managers will also be less concerned over theft amongst staff, as staff may be monitored at the stations where the tags can be removed or deactivated.

EAS System Price

As with any product or system, your EAS system price will depend on your requirements. Milestone offers all anti-shoplifting technologies currently available, enabling us to provide the best solution for your store. Speak to us for more information on retail security solutions, stock management tools and more.