Anti-Shoplifting Systems

Electronic Article Surveillance - The proven way to protect your merchandise in store while alerting staff if any merchandise is leaving the store unlawfully. We provide all three anti-shoplifting technologies, namely AM, EM and RF.

The system consists of antenna at the entrance/exit of the store, tags on the merchandise and units at the point of sale. If a tagged product passes through the antenna's field, an alarm will trigger, alerting staff of potential shoplifting.

This enables you to protect your high-risk merchandise which is on display. This assists in increasing sales as stock is no longer behind locked cabinet doors, decreases shrink as your merchandise is protected, and decreases your order book as stock is not being shoplifted.

These systems act as a great deterrence, as would-be shoplifters are immediately able to see that your store is protected, and will not attempt to shoplift. Due to the system being proactive, shoplifters can be caught in the act, and not only detected once they have already left. We also offer tags which come in many shapes and sizes, enabling us to protect many of your high-risk items.