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  • TrueCounts People Counting
  • TrueCounts People Counting

People Counting

People counting is an effective way to measure foot traffic in and out of your store, providing valuable information on many aspects. Our unique 3D TrueCounts people counting system will ensure above 90% accuracy, with many other features, such as:

  • Footfall Count;
  • Visit Duration;
  • Conversion Rate;
  • New/Returning Customer Stats;
  • Cross Shopping Figures;
  • Footfall Passed The Store.

Product Description

People Counting

People counting is an effective way to measure the flow of traffic into your store. Being able to effectively measure the customer conversion rate is vital to analysing the success of staff. Using our TrueCounts people counting system enables you to analyse many areas of your business.

Daily reports can be analysed, where the traffic can be seen per hour, per day, and per month. This enables cost savings by knowing when to have staff available, measuring the effectiveness of sales, measuring the ability to turn visitors into customers etc.

The TrueCounts people counting system is an easy and aesthetically pleasing installation, providing accurate and reliable information. Many additional features include inserting sales figures into reports, determining traffic outside the store even while closed, linking the weather to counts, the ability to exclude children from counts, the ability to distinguish between trolleys and customers, and many more features.


  • Footfall count, by hour, day and week;
  • The average visit duration of customers;
  • The conversion rate from visitors to customers;
  • New/Returning customer stats;
  • Cross shopping figures, to show which stores within the group the customer is visiting;
  • Footfall past the store, showing the number of potential customers;
  • The effectiveness of marketing campaigns, analysing footfall before, during, and after marketing campaigns have been implemented.