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Open Display Security Systems

Open display security enables high-risk products to be put out on display for customers to interact with, to give them a “touch and feel experience”. Placing products out on display could increase sales by 40%, as customers require the ability to test and experience products before purchases.

Sensors determine whether or not the stock is being shoplifted, and will alert staff members of potential tampering.

Product Description

Open Display Security

Our innovative open display security systems enable retailers to keep high-risk products on open display. Customers demand the ability to interact with products, to test and feel products before purchasing. Putting products on display has the ability to increase the sales of the specific products by up to 40%.

Putting products on display and utilising open display security allows the customer to interact with the product and get information on the product without requiring a salesperson. Allowing interaction between customer and product has proven to be very successful, resulting in enhanced sales and increased turnover.

Common products that are protected include laptops, cellphones, cameras, tablets, watches, GPS’s etc. Customers are able to pick up the products, with sensors attached to products ensuring that they do not leave their displays.

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