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Anti-Shoplifting Tags

Anti-Shoplifting tags are placed on or around your high-theft items to protect them. These tags will then set the anti-shoplifting antenna’s alarm off if they are shoplifted, as they would not have been removed at the Point of Sale.

This ensures shoplifters are not able to make off with your stock, as well as acting as a deterrent.


Product Description

Anti-Shoplifting tags consist of hard tags and soft tags.

  • Hard tags are usually used to protect items such as baby formula tins, clothing, shoes, liquor, sports apparel, razor blades, CD’s and DVD’s etc.
  • Soft tags are anti-shoplifting labels which can be put on many products such as books, cardboard packaging, meat, cheese etc.
  • Deactivators and detachers are used to deactivate soft tags and remove hard tags. These will be placed at the point of sale.

The proper utilisation of these tags can ensure that high risk products are protected, with the anti-shoplifting antenna detecting any products not purchased.

Tags are continuously developed, providing protection to the ever evolving product ranges.

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